Friday, August 16, 2013

Game Maker Is Pretty Nice

Hello everyone, so I was messing around with Game Maker, and now I look to it with another perspective, everuthing looks so cool, and easy, not like before, maybe I have some ideas to make and stuff, I have very nice idea of roguelike, but I need to make some simple games first, only then roguelikes or some good games. So as I was saying gamemaker is awesome, you can do everything you want with GML (Game Maker Language based on C++). Everything is so simple, you just need to learn how to use functions and you are good to go. Maybe in thins month or in this year I will start serious project on GameMaker, now I'am just going to play around. My first game is going to be shooting game. Maybe I will release that here. CAUTION, game graphics are soooo crappy, that game might be more dumb than E.T.!!!!
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