Thursday, August 8, 2013

Contest #1 And Moving@ Is Balanced As Hell!

Hello everyone, so today I'am going to start the first contest of Moving@.
* Survive In Moving@ As Much As You Can *
* Take A Picture Of All Stats *
* Upload Somewhere And Post In The Comments *
* Contest Time Is Going To Be For A Week *
* Version Of Moving@ is 0.07 only *
* Good Luck Have Fun *
Here Is An Example Of Image:

Next Topic: Version Of Moving@ 0.062 is so unbalanced, that you can play forever, a lot of balancing changes gonna be in Moving@ 0.7, here is another example how unbalanced it its for now:
So Thank you guys for reading this and don't forget to win this! Remember That competition will last till 2013-08-15!!!

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