Thursday, July 18, 2013

Moving@ 0.05 Development Version Is OUT!!!

Here is a new version of Moving@! New stuff were added (what else update can add??? --). Gameplay of Moving@ is improved a lot. Now the task is to survive as long as you can, maybe later I will add thirsty too, that would be nice, but we can stick with hunger now. Why I'am even spoiling, you can check that out by yourself, here is a link:
* Hunger *
* One New Item (Bread) *
* Bunch Of Scores  (Gold too, but not used yet) *
* Spawn Rate Improved *
* Balanced Gameplay A Bit *
* With Key 'C' you can check out your stats (now it's in console, but later it will be in window) *
* New Monster: Snake (s)*
* Dungeon Biomes*
* Improve Menus *
* More Food Items *
* Some Throwing Weapons*
* Fix Monster Spawn Rate I guess *
* Traps *
* Shop *
* Npc*

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