Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello folks. After a little break, I was surfing in the internet and found one fantastic thing. "Cosmos". This is Open source operating system. Cosmos make dirty job with asse,bly and let's you write your code as always. Cosmos have it's own intergrated functions for example: Cosmos.Sys.Deboot.Reboot(); This wil reboot your pc. Now I'm working on this project. For now I have basic system, with a lot of bugs. Now I'm just making simple OS interface called TUI (same as GUI). It stands for Text User Interface. But it is not finished. First release is coming in the end of the week. First version will be 0.01.1. Now I'm stuck at passing variables, because it is hard for me and complicated, everything else is for now easy. Later on I should add some roguelike games, because this os is DOS-like. That's all from me.
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