Sunday, May 3, 2015

THIS GAME IS HARD The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth: TILL I FINISH Ep. 1

Hey guys! I am starting new series in my youtube channel! It's called "TILL I FINISH". Basically I will play the game until I finish. I decided to do this series, because most of my games that I play doesn't have finish so I need to start playing games where you need to put some time/effort to finish it!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Daily Blogging #103: Breaks, inactivity and the future!

         NEW VIDEO: Quick Update Video #1: Inactivy and future content 

          Hey guys! It's me TheScriptan! Another blog about my break... I made so many of them... This shows how inconsistent I am... Anyways I am planning to start blogging once again and maybe this time I will not stop doing it. Time will show. So the topics for today are why I have been inactive and the future content!
          As you know I made a lot of breaks, this one is no different that other ones. The reason why I stopped blogging is, because I am a lazy bum. I started skipping one day, second day until I stopped blogging. It's not only because I am a lazy guy, but balancing school, youtube, streaming and blogging was way to hard, so I had to refuse one of these and I selected blogging, but currently I decided to start doing it once again. The reason for this, is I love creating content and writing + summer is coming up soon and then I will have plenty of time to write.
           After I decided to start blogging, I made other decisions as well. For example: revive my dead youtube channel, become more consistent with streaming and try to get good marks in the school (it's so fricking hard tho). I hope I will be able to balance these things to make my future bright!
          So that's it from me! Thank you guys for reading! Don't forget to follow my blog daily! (Lots of content coming up) + check out my video where I talk more in-depth about my inactivity and future content!

Quick Update Video #1: Inactivy and future content

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Daily Blogging #52: I found my passion!

             During my break from StarCraft, I started doing my YouTube channel once again, if you follow me, you saw in my youtube channel that I started uploading Rimworld gameplays everyday. I started doing this, because I found out that my passion is content-making! I really, really love making content! It doesn't matter for me what kind of I am doing, I just like making it.
             Content making fascinated me since I was 13-14 years old, I started youtube channel at that time, but I am not going to share it, if you want to be Sherlock Holmes, you can try to find it, anyways at the same time when I was making my YouTube channel I was programming as well, so I didn't realize that my passion was content-making, anyways I found it right now! So, what I will do with this passion? Well I am planning to go full-time on content making in upcoming summer HYPE! I am pumped for the upcoming summer. I am going to do so many things during it! For example, livestream, youtube, learn how to photoshop edit videos like a decent content maker and so on. Right now I am still going to focus on StarCraft, BUT  I will try to upload 1 YouTube video every day! It might be hard, but I think I might manage it, especially when there are schedule managers in YouTube that I still didn't even try, but if it is going to work for me, I will definitely use it and make my life easier with uploading videos to YouTube every day! What is going to be different for StarCraft daily livestreaming is that probably on every saturday I will not livestream SC2, because I will try to record 6-7 videos for the whole week! (Not mentioning that I am not livestreaming every day right now :D)
             To sum this up for you guys, I am planning to go full-time on content-making in summer and I will still continue doing my 1 Year Challenge as TERRAN from SCRATCH! Good luck and have fun guys! BOI!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Daily Blogging #47 My Passion has been stolen by Rimworld!

          Rimworld... What a game... This game stole my passion SO quickly! You guys can't even imagine, or maybe you can, since I haven't streamed StarCraft content! Anyways Rimworld is a sci-fi colony base management, where you need to survive in the wilderness of sci-fi times! Game is based on real life. For example, you need to grow plants to have something to eat, unless you like cannibalism or just killing animals that will extinct later on. Eat daily or you will be starving to death, have good clothes against temperature and people/animals who are hitting you and so on, but right now I will talk about my future plans and my experience in Rimworld!
          I found out about a game 3 days ago and I got addicted to it right away! I started to play around with the game, just to the basic concept and interface until I understood what I was doing, after several fail colonies which lasted for 1-3 months (doesn't mean I lost), I decided to stop restarting and watch some youtubers how they play! After I did that I found out that there are mods for this game! (I don't know how I didn't notice it in the menu bar...) I immediately rushed to google and typed: "rimworlds mods" to find some of them and I came up with Epyk pack which gives you a nice amount of good mods! I played around with the mod, I think I lasted 1 year and stopped playing with that colony, I just created a new one in the coldest area, because I love challenges. Played there til -71 celsius and later on just stopped, because the game became stale-mate or boring.
          Right now I decided that I will commit making content of Rimworld! What I have planned is Youtube content! Hurray! Been a long time since I uploaded something to my youtube channel, except Division 1 Show and some videos that makes no sense, but right now I am planning to make a channel where I upload my gameplays or non-starcraft content (don't know about this one yet)! I recored 2 episodes of 2 hours so far, but I am planning to split these videos in 4 parts, because I think people who watches videos, doesn't like to watch 1 hour of unprofessional gameplay, so that's why I decided to split those videos into 30-35 minute videos!
          In conclusion or tl;dr my passion got stolen by a game called Rimworld! I am planning to do youtube series for this game, because how can YOU NOT do this, especially when you love make content! Anyways guys, sorry for lack of StarCraft streams, I will be up and running with my schedule later on, but right now I will make shit tons of Rimworld youtube episodes just to make sure I don't fall off the road! So good luck and have fun guys! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Daily Blogging #39 My first ladder session after a break!

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blog! Today I will be talking about my first ladder session after a break, mainly I will be talking about how successful/horrible it was, winrates and so on...
          I started playing SC2 only yesterday after a break. I played for 4 hours, but I haven't played any ladder, I just practiced with teammates/friends just to get back to the form. Practice like this helped me to get back to my form, well I didn't come back to the form, but at least I play a little bit better especially after a break. Anyways today I started laddering, but there were pros and cons... The winrate was 50%, because Protoss... I faced a lot of cheesers today... The amount of cheese that I had to comprehend was humongous... I really hate Roach and Reaper cheeses, they are so obnoxious for me to face... I usually lose to them due to my sloppy build order...
          Sorry for a short post, I don't have time to write today + I am tired after a 6 hour session so yeah, good luck and have fun guys! :)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Daily Blogging #36 - Addiction to Heroes of the Storm and upcoming streams of StarCraft

          Hello everyone my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blogging! This time I will be talking about Heroes of the Storm addiction and upcoming daily StarCraft streaming! You might've guessed already why I am inactive in StarCraft, but there are some other reasons why I am not streaming sc2, but as I said I am going to start doing it on a daily basis really soon!
           If you follow me, you noticed that recently I got a Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta key and since then I have been playing HOTS for 1-3 hours every day. I made this as my daily job, just to rank up my experience and gold with daily quests... I am doing this, because you can't just sit down for 8 hours and grind gold, it's not worth it. Blizzard always makes some games where grinding is useless or even impossible... So that's why I set it on my daily goals, just get my gold faster and get 10 heroes/level 30 faster and compete in hero league.
          Okay, so StarCraft! It's been a long time since I talked about this game, I invested so much time to this game, but I am not leaving it yet, I will be working even more hard on this and my work is going to start this weekend and it will probably will continue till the end of my challenge and beyond! Anyways my stream is back on this weekend so don't forget to tune in!
          In conclusion HOTS took my passion from StarCraft + other things like Littlewargame and a wish to improve in different things. Anyways my daily starcraft streaming is coming back! See you there:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Daily Blogging #35 - InfoShow Lan Party 2015 (Lithuanian Biggest LAN of all time! )

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blog! Today I decided to talk about a LAN party that is going to happen in my country on March 17-19. This LAN is probably going to be the best LAN that has ever happened in my country! I am really hyped up about it!
          Not so long ago, there was a similar lan to this, except the scale was a little bit lower, I was really hyped up about it as well, but I didn't go there due to lack of money. At that time I was still a horrible player and I just didn't want to waste my money on nothing.... Even now I will not win the upcoming LAN party, but at least I will be challenging to play, but not for everyone, there are going to be some powerful players in InfoShow, I am not going to be ready for them, but still, it should be fun to play against better people than me in this kind of atmosphere. You might think why this LAN is biggest LAN of all time? Well, it is because, planned place for it is at "Kauno hall", it is a really huge place to make a LAN and that's why I am really happy about this LAN, that the atmosphere is going to be better than before! A lot of people are going to fit in this place to play and watch games!
          I am definitely going to attend this lan no matter what, even if my mom doesn't let me to go, I will still go there, I feel I just have to do this, you know, I have never been in such a party before and just to be there has to be so fricking amazing! I have never witnessed anything like that so that's why I am 99% going there! I am still planning a lot for this lan, I need to earn the respect of my mom, because if I run away, I would lose her reliability and she wouldn't let me to do all kinds of things that I usually do... I really don't want that to happen, but if she will not let me to compete in this lan, I might lose her reliability...
          To sum this up, I am going to compete in the biggest LAN party of Lithuania History! No matter what happens I will attend there, even if I don't get my permission! I really really want to be there and just have fun with other games like me! Oh I forgot to mention that I will be an assistant of StarCraft 2 Division Organizer! I might learn one or two things by doing it! Anyways good luck and have fun guys!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Daily Blogging #34 - What is Division 1 Show/Podcast?

          Hello everyone my name is TheScriptan and welcome to my daily blogging! This time I will be talking about my very first podcast show called Division 1 and what I have been doing this day. Well mainly I was reading articles that I have favorited in Chrome and videos that I liked in Youtube, oh and made some notes what I should do every single day, but I will talk about that list in another blog post!
          Division 1, you might be thinking what the hell is this? The title literally doesn't associate with StarCraft nor any other games that I play, so the title associates with the game I play called Littlewargame. I think I have mentioned this game in earlier posts, but I don't remember exactly, anyways Littlewargame is an Indie HTML5 Real-Time-Strategy game based on StarCraft. I started playing this game on 2014 summer and I still play it till now. I haven't played this game regularly, so I didn't get good at the game, but that is not the case here. So Division 1 name comes from the ranking system of the game. It is not the highest division, but it sounds probably the best, there are other divisions like Gamma and so, but those division names makes no sense to me, I don't even know why developer made them, I think it should be enough to have 1 to 5 divisions, but now there are 8 divisions... Anyhow you might think why I started doing this show.I have two reasons. First one is to support the game and the second one is to improve my english skills + get some experience by hosting podcasts like this! During this show we discuss topics based around Littlewargame scene. Usually we discuss balance, drama if there is one and other topics for example how to advertise the game, tournaments and etc. I started doing this show last week, but I am planning to continue doing this show for as long as I can, oh I actually forgot to mention that I will host this podcast weekly, sometimes I might do this show bi-weekly, but ONLY if I am really busy, but for now I don't see myself being that busy even though I have a lot of jobs to do on a regular basis, but that is another topic to discuss!
          At the end, I would like to say that Division 1 podcast is going to be based only on Littlewargame, this show is going to be a weekly one and I am doing this, because I want to support this game, get some experience by hosting podcasts like this and lastly to improve my english skills! Good luck and have fun guys!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Daily Blogging #33 - Changing the name of blog, Heroes of the Storm and inactivity

          Hello everyone! My name is TheScriptan and welcome to another "daily" blog post! Today I will be talking about why I was inactive for quite a while in blog + in StarCraft, what is the reason to change the name of the blog and my first experiences with Heroes of the Storm! From now on I will try to blog every day. I am even planning to prefer blogging than gaming or StarCraft soon, because this improves my english skills and with my current 1 Year Challenge I am definitely improving my english skills, anyways let's move on to the topics that I prepared to talk about a little bit.
          Let's start with the new blog name that I have planned. Basically why I am planning to change this name, is because I can't keep up and write almost 365 blog post ONLY about StarCraft... That is harder than my challenge I think, especially when you have little time to think about what you want to write, when nothing special happened during the training session... Anyways I will still mainly post about my training session, but upon that I will add on some other topics that I want to discuss. (Don't worry, daily stats of my training session are going to stay ONLY if I play StarCraft that day!)
          Okay, the next topic is Heroes of the Storm! Yesterday I registered on some giveaways and today after I came back home from school, I saw a message in my gmail that I won a giveaway and I got EU key for Heroes of the Storm Closed Beta Access! I was so glad that I got it, I was full of joy that moment, I rushed to CTRL+V the key to and started downloading the game itself. It didn't took a while, thanks to my fast internet! Anyways I jumped in right into the game and finished the tutorial. After finishing tutorial I understood the mechanics of Heroes of the Storm and then started trying out all of the Heroes! Oh, before that I tested if I can livestream the game, but sadly I can't... My GPU is too weak to handle graphical input from the game... However it works well without streaming, so every single day when I come back from school I will try to finish daily quest and only then start playing StarCraft! I know that I shouldn't split my passion, but Blizzard wants people to pay them or grind a lot just to get right equipment to be a better player. Well Heroes of the Storm doesn't have paid-to-win rule, but if you want to buy a new champion/heroes, you need to play a lot.
          The last topic is why I was inactive with my blog and StarCraft. First of all I will start with StarCraft. 1 Week ago I got addicted back to, if you don't know, this is a HTML5 Real-Time-Strategy Game which is almost entirely based on StarCraft, probably, because the developer was decent at StarCraft 2, anyhow, I came back to the game and for the first time in my life I started organizing a podcast/panel show! I have never done this before, but doing this in Littlewargame gives me a lot of experience already, because people who plays Littlewargame are really intelligent + the popularity of Littlewargame is not high, so if I mess up with my show it would be not a big deal, actually even if I made some kind of show in StarCraft nobody would watch me... So I started playing Littlewargame a little bit just to get back in meta and have something to say in the show and that's why I didn't play StarCraft for few days + after the show I played in StarCraft 2 tournament and lost there, because of that I got really disappointed... And now it's time to explain why I haven't been active in blogging, well the reason is actually simple, I was too lazy and too tired to do this... After almost every single StarCraft 2 session I almost always have nothing to say here except my daily stats + I am tired after StarCraft sessions, so I usually delay my blog post till it's to late and I have to make it another day...
          This is it from me, I summed up everything I wanted to say for today at least! I have more topics to discuss what I have been doing while I was not blogging so yeah, don't forget to follow my blog every day, because at least this month I will be trying to post as much as possible (1 blog per day minimum) Good luck guys!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

StarCraft Daily Blog #13 - Another good ladder session!

          Hello everyone, my name is TheScriptan and welcome to another daily blog! Today was another lucky day for me! My winrate was above 50% and I had some fun and close games! It's been a long time since I had such an amazing ladder session especially with 12-14 viewers! I don't get a lot of them, but I am happy that I got them, when everything in ladder went fine!
          This day was probably the most succesful ladder day of this year and maybe even last year, because I had a decent amount of viewers and I had some good quality games + commentary to share with my amazing viewers! I haven't raged today at all, so I am pretty happy about this practice session. Literally nothing wrong went this day, except I got cheesed twice at the end of my livestream... One cheese was by Protoss and another one was by Terran. Protoss did 1 base blink all in and Terran did 3 marine/2scv rush + he proxied barracks and my Reaper was out of position + he built a bunker in my main and I couldn't hold on anymore! Anyways, now let's talk about the most hyped up thing of the day! I finally beat a legit masters player! Even thought he was off-racing, BUT he was ex-Grand Master for 4 times! Like that is insane! He has so much experience in this game, so he can easily off-race, so that's why I am still proud of my win! He was a terran and the game was 50/50. My opponent didn't do enough damage with banshees, so I got ahead in terms of economy, but my fights were pretty scrappy, so he almost took the game. Happily I had a defenders advantage and managed to push out, I went right into his 3rd base after I deflected his timing push and saw that he has no 3rd base, well he was making it, but I was able to cancel it, so after that I knew that I killed almost all of his units + he is behind economically, later on the game just snowballed and I managed to kill him, with my superior macro!
          In conclusion I am really proud of my performance today! I didn't expect to have such a good winrate and good quality games + to beat masters player! Anyways tomorrow I will stream for a longer time, it's not going to be 3 hours, this time it might be 4-5 hours so get hyped! Okay now here are the daily statistics:

Today's Played Games: 14
Today's Winrate: 71% (10-4)
Today's Uptime: 3:11:49